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WineEnthusiast, 94 Points by Jim Gordon

(2015-11-27) WineEnthusiast - 94 Points Petite Petit

"Don’t let the cartoony label fool you, this is fantastic wine. The color is almost black to the rim, the aromas are meaty and peppery, and the flavors are very concentrated. The texture is thick and yet creamy with layered, smooth and bold tannins. For all its density and depth, however, this is not an overpowering monster. The blackberry and black pepper notes are rich and appealing and everything seems in balance for something this robust and full bodied. Drink now through 2027. It’s blended with 15% Petit Verdot."

>Petite Petit 2012, (Artnr 7209401), 150kr


Petite Petit ligger även rank #2 i deras top-100 lista för 2015