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Nederburg Auction

(2011-09-16) Nederburg Auction, Paarl, Sydafrika

Nederburg Auction
The 37th Nederburg Auction
16th & 17th September 2011

Nederburg Charity 17th September
The Nederburg charity sale is an integral part of the Nederburg Auction and forms part of the official catalogue. While the commercial part of the auction is only open to registered licensees, all guests will be encouraged to register for the charity auction by means of a credit card imprint. A bidding paddle will then be issued at Information.
It is the charity auction, held after the sale of rare wines is completed, that often breaks records at the Nederburg Auction, while at the same time raising impressive and much needed sums for deserving causes. On offer are specially donated wines, usually extremely rare and old, that are sold in aid of a nominated charity

Vega Sicilia Unico in magnum 1998, Ribeira del Douero. Donated by Vega Sicilia
o Spain´s very first icon wine owned and directed by Pablo Alvares and his family. Winemaker Javier Ausanz.
o Produced by 92% Tinto Fino or Tempranillo and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and has spent about eight years on wood.
o Estimated lifetime is up to fifty years
o 98 point by the Wine advocate
o Produced 1998 in around 2.200 magnums.
o Magnums gets special art labels.
o No Unico wine leave from the bodega before it is ten years old and the wines are not released analogt but when they are ready for consumption
o They produce between 40-120.000 per year and take out around 22 hl/ha half of what they do in top Bordeaux Chateaux.

Pintia 2007 in Doubble magnum from Toro donated by Britt and Janåke Johansson
o By far the most prestigious wine from neighboring wine district Toro. Owned by the Alvares family and Vega Sicilia. Winemaker Javier Ausanz
o Made from only Tinta de Toro or Tempranillo. Approximately 7% of these are not grafted on American rootstocks.
o Very intense wine with a potential lifespan of at least 25 years
o Only 163 double magnums made for the whole world. Very rare and hard to get.

Oremus Tokaji Eszencia 2000 in 37,5 cl donated by Britt and Janåke Johansson
o Vega Sicilia owned Tokaji producer
o This is the wine that was given the Tsars before they died to give them a pleasant trip to heaven
o Eszencia is made only from the self run juice from these extremely dry berries.
o They only ferment up till 3% alcohol because it so sweet that it almost cant ferment. The fermentation took about tree years to get to these 3%
o Estimated lifetime is 500 years!
o Made of 50% Furmint, 30% Harslevelu, 10% Zeta and 10% Muscat
o Residual sugar content 468 gram
o Acidity 18 gram / litre
o Between 200 – 300 bottles made for the whole world. Very unique and rare
o Extremely sweet, with enormous acidity and fat spectacular richness and character of honey, apricots and botrytis. You never forget this wine when you have drunk it.